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With the increase in globalization in the past few decades bed bug infestations have been on the rise. The best way to counteract this global bed bug epidemic is through education and knowledge. The more people know about bed bugs, the less likely they are going to spread from city to city. Small preventative measures can be used to stop bed bugs in their tracks. BedBugs.net provides comprehensive resources for people looking to learn about bed bugs and how to get rid of them. Our Bed Bug Registry is the most complex registry on the web that keeps accurate records of bed bugs in commercial and residential buildings. The BugBugs.net registry stores a database of all the bed bug infestations that are reported across the world. Bed bugs are a global problem so we created a registry to deal with the needs of people from all over the world. We provide a number of ways for people to education themselves about bed bugs.

Search / Submit Bed Bug hotel reports worldwide with our Global Bed Bug Registry

    Everyone visiting BedBugs.net should check out the bed bug registry.

    Find out if your area has been bed bug infestations through our Bed Bug Registry. This Registry is essential for anyone who is traveling to a holiday destination. Make sure you search your hotel name to make sure they don’t have a recent infestation.

    People looking to learn about bed bugs should look up our Bed Bugs 101 section.

    In the Bed bugs 101 section you will find everything you need to know about bed bugs. From the basic biology of bed bugs to the most effect treatment and bite symptoms, bed bugs 101 has everything you need to know about preventing, identifying, and eliminating bed bugs in your home.

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    Our bed bug City Guides are another great resource for people to use.

    Our city guides provide the latest details on infestations in specific cities and provides looks to government related resources that are located in that city. A recent bed bugs in Philadelphia city guide was released to help residents cope with the recent influx of bed bugs.

    Discover the latest bed bug related news in our blog section.

    Every major story that breaks about bed bugs is covered in Bedbugs.net news section. Whether it is news related to recent bed bug lawsuits or hotel infestations, we write about everything. A popular news item this year was the recent top bed bug infested cities rankings that was released this year.


    1. Dear Sir:

      I have two questions:
      #1..How do bed bugs get started?
      #2..Where do they come from?

    2. Each state in the country has its landlord tenants rights on bedbugs I call them the bed bug laws maine ,ny,nj.Has the toughest laws .As a blog your admin should be more knowledgeable about these laws as you are attempting to educate the public even countries are writing or rewriting these laws like England.

    3. I would like to know if landlords can accuse and charge tenants for fumigation because bedbugs are discovered when they can linger???

      • This is sort of a grey area. From what we’ve seen, this depends on the landlord. Often landlords will do nothing or try and pass the costs off to tenants. In the US there is no “Black and White” program that requires landlords to “pay” for extermination. Having said that, there are some official programs that can try and mediate the dispute. You might be able to report the landlord/unit to the health authorities, but it’s questionable as to how effective this will be. You could look at going to court about the situation, but that’s expensive. Another option is to use something like RPA’s file-a-case service which might provide a low cost way to negociate with your landlord. It leaves an official paper “trail” and RPA tries to negotiate a settlement with your landlord for you. Your landlord might be more amiable if he gets contacted by the RPA with a claim against them. Check it out rentalprotectionagency.com/tenant-rights/renter-rights

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