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Be Careful When Making Bed Bug Claims – You Might Get Sued!

By Admin, Posted June 21st 2011

The Carelton hotel located in Oak Park, Illinois is suing a couple that recently stayed at the hotel for making false claims of bed bugs at the hotel. In the month of April the couple Michael Gladstone and Liora Braun visited the Carleton Hotel of Oak Park. During this period of time the couple complained to the manager that there were bed bugs in their room. The manager of the hotel refused to acknowledge that there was a problem and insisted that there were no bed bugs in the hotel.

Once the couple had left the hotel they wrote a scathing review on, warning people to beware of the hotel because of the bed bug they found in their room. This review went on to allege that they ended up bringing the bed bugs back to their home, even after taking all the necessary precautions when arriving. According to the Carleton hotel, this negative review cost the hotel thousands of dollars in lost clients because of the seriousness of the claims.

In the lawsuit filed on June 15 at the Circuit Court of Cook County, the claimants allege that following the complaint the hotel hired a pest control company that could not identify any bed bugs. Using this as proof that there were never bed bugs in the hotel, they are suing the couple for making a false claim.

The Carleton hotel of Oak Park is seeking damages of more than $30,000 for the loss of revenue associated with the claim. The hotel claims that the “malicious” post dissuaded many people from staying in the hotel. The “loss of business and loss of reputation” are the two most important considerations of the total amount.

Although this case has yet to enter court, it will be interesting to watch and see how it turns out. Will the couple, who were adamant about the bed bugs, be given the benefit of the doubt by the courts? I personally think that the lawsuit won’t hold because of the couple speaking to the manager and directing their complaints when they initially discovered the bed bugs. This is just the case of a hotel brand trying to protect their reputation; even if they aren’t successful, it is a smart move to deter future guests from making claims about their hotel

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