At least once in a lifetime, you might meet with those unpleasant bed bugs. Now, in order to avoid that unwanted meeting there are certain preventive methods or, in a bit worse case scenario where they already invaded your home, there are some solutions for this problem.

One of the signs of bed bugs are those itchy bites on your skin. They are feeding on human blood. However, even though they don’t transmit or spread disease, bed bugs have a bad reputation of a public health pest. Therefore, common interest is to prevent or exterminate them as soon as they’re noticed.

Ways to deal with bed bugs

Finding out bed bugs

Simply speaking, as any other problem, the best way of dealing with it is at its beginning. In other words, it’s really important to find it early, before the infestation becomes entrenched. That way, it’s not only easier to deal with it but it’s far less costly.

Whatsoever, it’s far more difficult to find that low-level infestation and classify it as a pest. That kind of infestations can be easily mistaken for other kinds of bugs, such as carpet beetles. Misidentifying bed bugs with another type of bugs could buy some time to these pests, which they can use to spread to other parts of your room, or even worse- to some other house.

First of all, once you find an infestation you should probably:

Call a professional and let him do all the work or

Do it by yourself

We can assure you that bed bugs are challenging and difficult to get rid of since they are hiding to well and reproducing so fast. Furthermore, egg form stands for a very resistant stage to many kinds of treatments. Anyhow, there are a couple of ways to get rid of this kind of pests.

First of all, you can try with Cold treatment. The method is very successful, but in order to pull that out, you need to be accurate. Since bed bugs are intolerant to drastic temperature changes, idea is to put your infested sheets into a freezer and set it to 0 o.

Heat treatment– This kind of method requires certain knowledge level of what tool to use. Bed bugs are, as we said, intolerant on drastic temperature changes (high temperatures, as well as low ones).

Therefore, certain tools that can heat up your sheets, clothes and portable things that are a common habitat of these pests seem to be quite effective in eliminating them. Some of the best tools to use for this cause are clothes dryer or a high heat plastic bag.

Anyhow, these non- chemical methods might be helpful, but they are not that effective in eliminating the whole infestation.

Chemical method- On the other hand, some sort of chemical methods showed themselves as a highly effective against bed bugs. In that manner, there are bed bug powders, sprays and fumigation as one of the most drastic procedures.

What is a bed bug powder?

Bed bug powder presents the safest products to use against pests. They are mostly non- toxic and harmless to humans or pets. Even though they are harmless, always check twice, so we suggest reading the label before using it on your bed, sheet, furniture or clothes.

Things to consider about bad bug powders

  • The powder is very simple to use- just put it on the surface for what you assume to be infested and wait. The only condition of its efficiency is to make contact with a bug. Powder covers exterior of the bug and kills it by dehydration.
  • Required time– In order to fully exterminate infestation, you might need to apply the same area for a few weeks.
  • Bed bug powders are affordable– They are really cheap and affordable by anyone. Most of them can be found for less than 10$.
  • Powders are often used with sprays– You might consider using powder together with spray. The combination of these two almost guarantees the elimination of the infestation, as well as keeping them from coming back.

Price range of bad bug powders

It’s not always the case you can rely on, but price often indicates a quality of the product. Therefore, we will make some categories of bed bug powders and explain what should you expect from each one of those categories.

The ‘’cheap’’ price point category from 1.99 to 5.99- Anyhow, when it comes to this category, be aware of the fact that the powders that belong to this price point category might not be that effective as other categories.

The ‘’affordable’’ price point category from 5.99 to 9.99- Now, this one stands for the most standard group. In this price point category, you can find most of the bed bug powder products. They are quite efficient and they are “affordable” as the name of category describes.

The ‘’expensive’’ price point category from 15.99 to 25.99- When it comes to this group, you know there are only elite products. It might be a little above standard- “affordable” price point category, but it’s definitely worth every penny.

The ‘’ high-end’’ price point category from 30.99 to 45.99- It might be a bit more expensive than a regular powder, but the difference is mostly in its efficiency. Bed bug powders that belong to this price point category are known to be more useful and higher quality than any other group. Some of those bed bug powder manufacturers often guarantee efficiency.

By these categories, we want to describe the bed bug powder price ranges and not price ranges in general. On the other hand, in general, they are all affordable- most of them do not require much money to be spent on.

Some of the best bed bug powders

1)    Bed Bugs Powder Kills 3x Faster Than Diatomaceous Earth 2 Bottles Bed Bugs Dust

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With this powder that belongs to a “high- end” price point category, you can exterminate the whole infestation much faster. The reason this powder is one of the best overall is its capability of killing not only common bed bugs but some of their most persistent and durable forms such as adults, nymphs, and eggs.

Based on the latest lab researches, this powder kills 3 times faster than diatomaceous earth. The reason behind that efficiency is a capability and much higher affinity to absorb liquid water and oil. CimeXa dust works by destroying waxy skeletal crucial for bed bugs surviving. This causes the death of a bug by dehydration.

Characteristics of CimeXa  

CimeXa is odorless, non- staining, non- repellant and lasts up to 10 years. It’s highly valued and even though it belongs to a “high- end” price point category, it’s worth every penny. The broad label allows this product to be applied to any surface, cracks, crevices, voids, carpets and many other areas. It has extremely low toxicity profile, and even if it sounds crazy, it’s allowed as a food additive.

It is extremely effective against pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs.


  • Much faster- With its powerful effect, it kills 3 times faster than diatomaceous earth. It works by destroying waxy skeletal crucial for bed bugs surviving.
  • Durable- It lasts up to 10 years. That makes this powder so valuable, even though you are going to need a bit more money to afford it.
  • Very low toxicity profile- This ensures your health and health of others you are living with, as well as pets, won’t be compromised.


  • Price is a bit bigger- CimeXa belongs to a “high- end” price point category. On the other hand, it lasts up to 10 years, and that is what makes it worth. Price doesn’t define quality, but in this case, we can conclude it does.

2)    Ortho 0202410 Home Defense Max Bed Bug, Flea and Tick Killer Powder

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 This powder belongs to affordable price point category. With its amazing strength, it kills bed bugs by contact. The powder covers extern parts of beg bugs and kills them by dehydration. You can use it in crevices, cracks, and all other areas and places that these pests hide such as bed frames, sheets, box springs, clothes, empty dressers and carpet edges.

The product is non- toxic, it has no smell and lasts really long. With only one bottle you can cover up to 1500 sq. ft. By our humble opinion, powder stands for a ‘’runner-up’’ powder in this review.

Since bed bugs will most likely hide in cracks and crevices, it would be great for you to find those and powder every single one of them. The powder is very strong and perfect for killing bed bugs no matter where they hide.

There are no rules of where you should put powder. Simply speaking, every single area that is compromised or you have doubt about a bed bug presence should be powdered. Since this powder is non- toxic, it can be applied almost everywhere without doing any harm to you or your pet:  clothes closets, empty dressers, carpet edges, wall moldings and wallpaper edges.

If infestation loses control, Ortho offers the solution regardless of the extent of your bed bug problem with its full defense system.


  • Non- toxic- This is a big advantage of a powder. With its non- toxic nature, you won’t be worried about your family or a pet if you have one. The powder is only destructive for bed bugs.
  • It lasts really long- This is one of the biggest advantages of a powder over the other methods of defense against these pests. It lasts long and the only thing you need to do is to apply it once in a while in order to exterminate the whole infestation.
  • Affordable- Powder belongs to an affordable price point category, and with its long-lasting make it super profitable and worthy.


  • Sealing the cup- The only problem you might have is sealing after opening it. It’s a bit tricky, so it’s better for you to read the manual previously.

3)    Harris Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bug Powder (8oz)

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This powder one of the most comprehensive ones out there. The powder is able to effectively treat hard to reach areas. Since bed bugs are always hiding on some dark, hard to reach areas this powder will make it impossible for them to hide.

The product is easily applicable and the reason behind it is the puffer tip that allows powder to be used right away.

The only condition for this product to work is that bed bugs reach powder and make contact with it. Researches show that any bed bug that makes contact with it, dies within 48 hours.

After applying it, the powder will continue killing bugs for weeks, as long as it’s dry.

One of the efficiency guarantees of this powder is EPA certificate (EPA means Environmental Protection Agency), for use in homes with people/ pets. This means it has a really low toxic profile and that won’t do any harm to a human or a pet.

PF Harris company has a long history of making products for fighting bed bugs. It all started 1922 and grew so fast, that after just 2 years it got his place on the front page of Washington Times as a “vermin slayer”.

We may say that this is one of the best commercial, premium products of a company with a big experience and shine history.


  • The powder is thorough- Product is easy to work with, it can reach all of the hardly approachable areas.
  • Durable- Once you apply it, it will kill bed bugs for weeks. Only conditions are that bed bugs make contact with powder and that you keep powder dry.
  • EPA certificate and a long history of improving powder- Harris company last for more than 90 years. It has great experience in bed bug powder industry as well as prestigious EPA certificate. EPA certificate guarantees non- toxic nature of this powder, and 90 years of experience in making powders guarantees its quality.


  • Effectiveness: It’s not that effective against bed bug eggs, so you might need to apply it few times after the first application and be very patient with it. The powder requires time to act.

4)    Harris Bed Bug Killer Silica Powder 4oz with Application Brush

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Silica powder is made out of natural diatoms, drying bed bugs and suffocates them within 48 hours. It does not contain diatomaceous earth, so it’s safe to use it around children or pets. Non- toxic content does not require gloves usage, as some other powders might do.

Anyhow, that doesn’t affect its efficiency. This powder is quite successful in killing the toughest bed bugs such as “pyrethroid-resistant” bed bugs that have already built up a resistance to traditional pesticide products.

Simply speaking, this powder continues killing bed bugs for weeks after application and the only condition is to keep that applied powder dry.

It is super comprehensive, very simple to use and apply around any and all cracks, electrical outlets and wherever piece of furniture meets the ground.


  • Natural- The Powder construction is fully natural, which makes it non- toxic and usable around kids and pets. The fact it contains no diatomaceous earth doesn’t take from its efficiency.
  • Powerful- Although it needs 2 days to take effect, the powder is super strong and kills even the strongest pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs that are already immune to most of the standard powders.
  • Durable and long lasting- Silica is one of the most persistent powders out there. It continues killing bed bugs for weeks after application.


  • Slow with killing bed bugs- It takes about 48 hours to act, but when it does, it kills a lot of bed bugs. For the whole extermination of the infestation, you need to apply it few times.

5)    Hot Shot HG-96084 Bedbug and Flea Killer Powder, 8-Ounce

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This powder belongs to an “expensive” price point category. The reason behind it is a great quality that ensures effectiveness within 24 hours. Now, in order to exterminate the whole infestation, you need to be persistent and apply it once in a while. Putting it just once won’t solve your problem, but it will definitely reduce bed bugs number.

Furthermore, one of the reasons of this powders efficiency is containing Diatomaceous Earth. It covers external parts of bed bugs, suffocates and dehydrates them to death.

The package is light-weight, and with item weight of only 0.64 pounds, this is one of the most portable powders out there. Also, it’s perfect for treating rugs and carpets. Contact with bed bugs is required in order to act.


  • Long- lasting control- It lasts really long, but in order to exterminate bed bugs completely, you should apply it a few times more.
  • Effective and fast- Requires less than 24 hours to act, which is much faster than a standard type of powders that usually require up to 48 hours.
  • Contains diatomaceous earth- Namely, the diatomaceous earth provides effectiveness. Standard bed bug powders usually don’t contain diatomaceous earth. This has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of containing diatomaceous earth is being highly effective. On the other hand, for disadvantages take a look at a “cons” section.


  • Toxic- Since it contains diatomaceous earth, avoid prolonged contact with your skin. Also, we recommend it not to use around the children or pets.

Other ways and treatments of dealing with bed bugs

Also, there are some alternative ways to deal with this kind of problems.

  • Bed Bug Vacuum cleaner- This kind of treatment might be helpful in reducing the number of bed bugs, but it’s often not 100% effective. The vacuum cleaner may reduce the number of bad bugs, but that is never a permanent solution to the problem unless you vacuum them all. Anyway, there are certain vacuum cleaners that can do the job, but they are much more expensive than any other method of dealing with bed bugs.
  • Bed Bug Sprays- In order to be effective, it’s recommended that the infected area is previously prepared. In other words, check the bedding and potential infestation areas, check all areas of the room, clothes, and personal items. Once you locate it, the spray will be much effective when you point it to a particular area. Now, before using any kind of chemical treatment, we strongly recommend reading the manual, since some sprays may have the restrictions of how to be used and applied.
  • Bed Bug mattress encasements- Bed is a comfortable place not only for you but for bed bugs as well. There is a good way of preventing infestation. Therefore, it’s better and much easier to prevent rather eliminate them later.
  • Bed Bug pillow covers- This kind of pillow covers are one way of preventing bed bugs. With bed bug mattress encasement they are making a perfect preventing and protecting tandem.
  • Bed Bug Traps (for detection) – There are certain ways of detecting and preventing infestation in its early stage. However, even though monitoring methods and tools have certainly improved it can’t be completely reliable in detecting bed bugs. Whatsoever, the best way of detecting and preventing bed bugs is to combine multiple methods.
  • Fumigation (worst case) – Simply speaking, fumigation is one of the most effective methods of a pest control. The process of fumigation requires filling one area with gaseous pesticides in order to suffocate or poison the pests within. This method stands for one of the most effective, but on the other hand, it has its disadvantages as its toxic nature might compromise your health or health of others around you.


We hope we supplied you with enough of knowledge about bed bugs and one of the most popular ways of exterminating them- powder. The sooner you react, the better result will be- no matter the method you use to destroy the infestation.

Considering the stated facts, we named few powders that are, by our humble opinion, one of the best on the market. Anyhow, it depends only on your preferences which one will suit you the most.