We all care about our health and about preventing the future possible problems with our health. Finding bed bugs at its early stage keeps your home healthier and happier place. Bed bugs are not that dangerous to health, but they often annoy everyone who was in touch with them.

What are bed bugs?

The common bed bugs were long been considered as a pest that feeds on human blood that causes some itchy bites followed by red rush. They are not spreading any kind of disease, but they have a bad reputation as a public health pest. However, they may cause other public health issues and that’s why is of a great importance preventing and controlling it at its early staging.

Bed bugs prevention

There are certain ways of prevention, and each one of them is way less costly than any kind of treatment after discovering bed bugs. Also, it’s much easier preventing than exterminating one infestation. Once they invade your home, it takes weeks of effort to annihilate them.

Finding out bed bugs

First of all, bed bugs are hard to detect and identify, considering their small size and inclination to stay hidden. Anyhow, there are certain ways to control bed bugs. First of all, getting good information is the first step in prevention and control. Bed bugs have various look in different life stages. Regarding that, they might be more immune to some treatment at different life stages.

On the first place, you need to find them and identify in order to approach some solutions.

How to get rid of bed bugs once you find them?

There are methods that are more or less efficient in exterminating an infestation of bed bugs. Some of the methods are chemical, others are non- chemical.

Non- chemical treatment- There are certain natural ways of reducing the number of bed bugs. Problem with those methods is that they might not be effective as some chemical. Non- chemical methods most of the time are not able to exterminate the whole infestation.

Cold treatment- The idea behind this treatment is to put your sheets, clothes and portable things that might be infested by bed bugs into a cold environment with 0 o. You can also do it by putting infested things into the refrigerator and set it to 0 o. Therefore, you might eliminate bed bugs on these separate parts, but it may not give the final solution since bed bugs tend to live in hidden places.

Heat treatment- As we said, bed bugs are not tolerable to drastic temperature changes. The opposite of a cold treatment is heat treatment. There are certain tools that can heat up your stuff (clothes, sheets, and mattress) such as clothes dryer or a high heat plastic bag.

On the other hand, there are certain chemical methods, that might be much more effective than non- chemical. Some of the most popular chemical methods are bed bug sprays, powders, and fumigation.

What is a bed bug spray?

Bed bug sprays are one of the few most common ways of dealing with bloodsucking bugs. When deciding which one you should take, you must consider few facts.

Namely, when searching for most adequate sprays, you should look for all- natural sprays. In other words, the most important natural ingredients are peppermint, coconut extract oil and cloves. That way, spray won’t compromise your health or health of others as well as pets. In that manner, search for EPA certificate- that will ensure you are dealing with the natural structure of a spray.

Few things to consider about bed bug sprays before using it

  • Sprays won’t be effective if you don’t prepare the terrain for a treatment first. Remove the clutter from the inspected area in order to apply spray properly. Also, check the bedding, areas the around room, clothing, and your personal items.
  • When properly used, a spray is considered for (by some experts) one of the most effective methods of bed bug treatment.
  • Spray treatment might be the most cost-effective method.
  • Sprays might be used on surfaces such as dressers, couches, chests, and other furniture.
  • Some sprays contain chemicals that are common among all the sprays. The important difference is between some chemicals that form a non- toxic, natural structure of a bed bug spray. Natural structure with low- toxicity level won’t compromise your health or health of others.
  • Toxic nature of some sprays may compromise the health of children or pets. Therefore, we recommend reading the instructions before using it.

Price range of bed bug sprays

The ‘’cheap’’ price point category from 5.99 to 15.99- When speaking of this category, keep in mind that most of the products that belong here are not that effective in killing bed bugs. We recommend investing a bit more money and buying better quality spray, rather than wasting money on this category without fixing your problem.

The ‘’affordable’’ price point category from 15.99 to 20.99- Simply speaking, most of the products belong to this category, and buying one of this sprays may fix your problem completely.

The ‘’expensive’’ price point category from 20.99 to 25.99- Products in this category might be a little above the standard “affordable” price point category, but on the other hand, it improves the chances of exterminating infestation fully.

The ‘’ high-end’’ price point category from 25.99 to 40.99- Price doesn’t define quality, but when it comes to a bed bug sprays it might do. In this category, efficiency is almost certain. Some of the manufacturers guarantee effect, and in case of failure, they offer money return.

Some of the best bed bug sprays by our opinion

There are a lot of bed bug sprays, and all of them belong to affordable price point category. For this review, we choose some of the bed bug sprays in order to help you decide which one is most suitable for you.

1)     Bed Bug Killer Bed Bug Patrol 100% Environmentally Friendly, Family & Pet Safe Bed Bug Spray, eBook!

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First of all, this spray is the best overall in this particular review. There are few things that make it the best overall. Namely, it’s 100% natural formula with great peppermint and clove odor that kills bed bugs on contact. The spray is effective and completely safe with its non- toxic profile. That means it won’t compromise human or pets health.

Secondly, this spray won’t stain your bedding like most of the products on the market. So, no need to hesitate to apply it to sheets, clothes, mattress, and cover.

Formulated by the natural pest professionals, it has the guarantee of efficiency. Also, there is a 100% refund option in case of not exterminating the whole infestation in less than 60 days. When speaking of its effectiveness, it may be one of the best and fastest methods of dealing with bed bugs. In other words, for some professionals, this treatment is far more efficient than powders, traps, and interceptors.


  • Natural, non- toxic formula- Since the safety of our health is the most important, and that’s the reason why are we trying to exterminate bed bug infestation, let’s try not to taste our own medicine by using sprays that are toxic and may cause health problems. Since this spray is fully natural, you shouldn’t be worried about its side effects.
  • Guarantee of efficiency- This spray might be the most worthy treatment out of all the treatments that we mentioned previously. In case of failure, there is a 100% refund option.
  • Peppermint and clove odor- There’s no worse feeling than the unpleasant odor of some toxic sprays that you are waking up with every single day. With this spray, everything you will ever scent will be peppermint and clove.


  • Works only on direct contact with bed bugs- There is only one condition for this spray to work, and that’s straight contact with bed bugs. Therefore, be sure you are applying spray on the right spot. Clear room, move the clutter, investigate and then apply it for 100% efficiency.

2)     Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer, Natural Organic Formula Fastest, 16 oz.

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As we can conclude from the name of this product, this spray is fully natural. As we mentioned earlier, the importance of a non- toxic nature of one product such as spray is a big one. Therefore, this spray won’t have any side effects on your health or your pet health.

Also, the efficiency of this spray is undoubted. As we said, there are certain stages of bed bugs life, and according to that, there are certain stages that are more or less immune to sprays. When we talk about this spray and its efficiency, note that neither nymphs, adults, or eggs are immune to this spray treatment.

In that manner, manufacturers offer 100% refund option in case of treatment failure. If bed bugs infestation isn’t exterminated in less than 60 days, you can use refund option and return all the money you paid for this spray.

Spray won’t stain on your bedding, so you can apply it directly to sheets, mattress, and covers. You have no worries of fumes or dangerous pesticides that most of the sprays contain. As far as this review concerns, Eco defense bed bug killer is a runner-up spray.


  • Non- toxic nature- Made from natural ingredients, its non- toxic profile will ensure a safe and healthy environment for the place you are using it in. It is also pet-friendly, which means that spray won’t compromise pet health.
  • Killing any life stage of bed bugs, even fleas- The strength of this spray is reflected in the fact it can kill any stage of bed bugs life, even the most repulsive forms- eggs.
  • Refund as a guarantee of efficiency- Manufacturers are completely sure in this spray efficiency that they give full 100% refund option in case of its failure. They estimate that with the proper use of this spray, bed bug infestation won’t survive more than 60 days.


  • Persistent in order to get efficiency- Anyhow, in order to act properly and fully, you need to apply spray once in a week until their total banishment. That way, bed bugs won’t return. If you apply it just once, that may reduce the problem, but not completely remedy the issue.

3)    Bed Bug Killer by EcoRaider 16 oz, Fast and Sure Kill with Extended Residual Protection, Natural & Non-Toxic, Child & Pet Friendly

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On the internet, you can often find adjective “the most effective bed bug killer” next to the name of this spray. Journal of Economic Entomology published university study and confirmed that EcoRaider is the only natural product that kills bed bugs with 100% efficiency. We may or may not agree on this one, but we can definitely agree that this one is the best commercial spray as far as our review concerns.

Sprays non- toxic nature that was proven through USDA IR4 PHP program tells us that this spray is commonly used in the most sensitive environments. You may doubt how could something that is fully made from the natural ingredients exterminate one infestation 100% successful. It showed maximum efficiency in killing any stage of bed bugs life- even the most persistent ones.


  • Long lasting- University study showed that EcoRaider provides extended protection of two weeks when most of the sprays are lasting for one week.
  • Effective and persistent- EcoRaider is one of the most persistent sprays out there. It kills bed bugs that are resistant to traditional pesticides. It might have the best performance in killing the bed bug eggs.
  • Non-toxic, children and pets safe- Unlike other pesticides, EcoRaider is made from natural ingredients that kill bed bugs by attacking their neuron receptor that only exists in insects, causing paralysis and death. That way, every other creature is safe and sound from the effect of this spray.


  • The smell of the spray- Some people may find this smell unpleasant, but that’s the smell of all natural ingredients without any additives.

4)    Ortho Home Defense Dual-Action Bed Bug Killer Aerosol Spray, 18-Ounce (Kills Bed Bugs, Fleas, Dust Mites & Stink Bugs)

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Bed bugs are nowadays really difficult to kill. By the time, they developed a resistance to pyrethroids, which are the most common type of pesticide for a treatment. Ortho gives no mercy for even those bed bugs that are pyrethroid- resistant. Also, it easily kills bed bugs and their eggs.

Since this spray has a title of long- lasting one, and the price is affordable (as any of the sprays we are mentioning in this review) we may conclude that this is one of the best budget sprays that we have stumbled upon.

When using this spray, make sure you use it correctly. You can spray furniture, bed, luggage or your clothes. Ortho is a famous manufacturer, and they have developed the full bed bug defense system. The spray is just one of their brilliant products that don’t fall behind.


  • Kills the most difficult bed bugs to be killed- This is simply speaking, a mirror of Ortho’s effectiveness. It can kill some of the bugs that are pyrethroid- resistant as well as bed bug eggs, known as the most difficult stage of their lives to kill.
  • Long- lasting- Spray can last up to 2 weeks. Of course, its effect falls after those 2 weeks, so you need to apply it again.
  • Comprehensive- Spray is easily usable on any kind of areas, surfaces. You can spray furniture, bed, or luggage without much effort.


  • Requires applying every 2 weeks- Once you start applying, you should not quit. Product requires some time to act, and in order to exterminate full infestation, you must be persistent and apply it few more times.

5)    Proof 100% Effective Bed Bug and Dust Mite Killer Spray – EPA Registered, Kills Bed Bugs, Dust Mites and Their Eggs – Non-Toxic, Plant Based, Beats Pesticide Resistance

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Proof is the most handheld spray not only in our review but might be on the market as well. It has great efficiency in solving the problem with bed bugs and dust mites. With a structure that’s plant-based it kills the most persistent forms of bed bugs. The spray is EPA registered, extensively lab and university tested.

It has guaranteed that kills bug within 4 hours of vapor contact. Beats even a pesticide-resistant bugs, it is not a neurotoxin and has a non- toxic modality safe for use in homes with children and pets. If the spray doesn’t solve your problem with bed bugs, there is a possibility to refund everything you paid.


  • Guarantee of killing bug 4 hours of vapor contact- As any other spray it requires certain contact to take effect. Proof needs only 4 hours to act when that contact happens.
  • EPA certificate- This means it has passed all of the established conditions. In other words, its structure is fully natural and has no side effects on human health or pets.
  • Handy- Spray has a smart handy shape that helps you apply it on to the most difficult places to be applied.


  • Specific odor- Some find its smell strange, unpleasant. But that depends on your sense. It’s like with gasoline, some may like the smell of it- others don’t.

Other ways and treatments of dealing with bed bugs

  • Bed Bug Vacuum cleaner– Bed Bug Vacuum cleaner might not be the best choice for exterminating the whole infestation. The vacuum cleaner is just a temporary solution that might decrease the number of bed bugs, but it’s hardly possible to eliminate 100% of them.
  • Bed Bug Powders– Bed Bug Powders are just one of the chemical ways of treatment for bed bugs. It takes some time for powders to act, mostly around 48 hours. Also, keep in mind there are few conditions for one powder to act. First of all bed bugs need to make contact with power, and secondly, you need to keep the powder dry. It lasts really long, so you don’t need to apply it often.
  • Bed Bug mattress encasements– Simply speaking, mattress encasements are one way of preventing bed bug infestations. Prevention is sometimes far less costly than any other way of treatment. This way of preventive dealing with bed bugs is popular all around the world.
  • Bed Bug pillow covers– When it comes to a Bed Bug pillow cover, that is another way of preventive protection besides bed bug mattress encasements. With mattress encasement, pillow covers are making the best prevention tandem out there.
  • Bed Bug Traps (for detection)– A third way of prevention, besides pillow cover and mattress encasements are bed bug traps. Bed bug traps are mostly used for detection and in prevention purposes. Traps for detection are certain tools of monitoring methods and even though they have drastically improved throughout last 50 years, this way of prevention isn’t fully reliable.


Therefore, try combining multiple methods for the best possible results.

  • Fumigation (worst case) – This is the most drastic treatment for bed bugs. Therefore, fumigation stands for one of the most effective ones. Filling one room with gaseous pesticides in order to suffocate or poison bed bugs has some bad side as well.

Gaseous pesticides might be dangerous for your health or health of others. Anyhow, it’s recommendable to leave the fumigated area until the toxic level drops to safe.

Final word

Taking into the consideration all reviewed, we may conclude that there are certain methods of dealing with bed bugs. Anyhow, every single one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Bed bug sprays might be one of the most worthy treatments out of those we mentioned.

Bed bug sprays are affordable in general, and their efficiency is much better than some of the more costly treatments. When searching for bed bug sprays, you should look after those that contain low- toxicity level of a chemical that might compromise your health. At the same time, in this review, we are suggesting some of the most effective ones. Hope we made selection easier for you.