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Do it yourself Bed Bug Traps – The Most Effective Homemade Trap

By Admin, Posted August 16th 2013

Scientist at Rutgers University have created a Do it yourself bed bug trap that is designed to detect bed bugs at early stages. Instead of spending upwards of $50 on a bed bug trap, you can use this homemade trap to detect if there are bed bugs in your home.

The bed bug trap works with two specific parts. The first part of the trap is creating an irresistible odor that draws the bed bugs in. The mixture of sugar, yeast and water create a release of carbon dioxide, which is the specific chemical that bed bugs use to track down their hosts.  The mixture created in the bed bug trap is a chemical lure that releases carbon dioxide, which helps draw the bed bugs out.

The second part of the trap consists of a upturned dog bowl from IKEA that is covered in surgical tape that has been dyed the color black. Bed bugs have a tendency to scale vertical surfaces and are natural attracted to the color black.

The combination of the black colored IKEA dog bowl with black surgical tape and the irresistible odor from the sugar, yeast, and water mixture will create a trap that will lure most bed bugs. This is the most effective homemade solution on the market today.

Step 1: Fill an old coffee cup with 10 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of yeast, and 1 ½ liters of water.

Step 2: Put this mixture into the middle of an upturned dog bowl or any kind of bowl that has slippery sides. Make sure those bowl has sides that are greased or very slippery.

Step 3: Place the trap into an area that you think might have bed bugs and wait for detection.

This homemade bed bug trap actually beat out a number of bed bug traps that were available on the market. Only a few $50 or more traps were able to attract the same amount of bed bugs as the do it yourself mixture was able to find. One of the most difficult issues that people have with bed bugs is detection. Using a quality bed bug trap helps home owners properly identify them in order to start the removal process.

It is important to remember that bed bug traps will note completely remove bed bugs from a home. A bed bug trap is a great way to identify bed bugs in a home. If you discover bed bugs in your home you should use a comprehensive guide to removing bed bugs from your home.

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