Bed Bug Luggage Liner – The bed bug luggage liner is a must have for people who like to travel. This is your first line of defense when you are away from home. A good luggage liner will ensure you don’t have any unwanted guests hitching a ride into your luggage when you leave your hotel. If your hotel has bed bugs the luggage liner will act as a barrier for the bed bugs to enter your suitcase. Because it is impossible to be 100% certain your hotel room doesn’t have bed bugs without a professional inspection, always protect yourself with the luggage liner. These liners are designed to fit on the inside of your suitcase and prevent bugs from entering your suitcase. The small cost of the liner can save you thousands of dollars in extermination fees if your home gets bed bugs. Anyone who does extensive traveling for business or pleasure should invest in a luggage liner for superior protection to prevent unwanted passengers.


Bed Bug Travel Spray – This is a very popular spray that is used by travelers to prevent bed bugs bites. It is an all natural environmentally friendly spray that can be used around children and pets. Before going to bed you can spray the mattress and box case to to protect yourself from bed bugs at night. You can use it at home or abroad and it is effective in ensuring that bed bugs don’t bite you at night. This is not a solution if you have an infestation in your home, but it is a good preventative measure you can use while you are traveling. While no product is 100% effective, it can give you some peace in mind if you are unsure of bed bugs in your hotel room. The small size of the product makes it easy to bring along in a suitcase or backpack. Anyone who is planning on an extended trip such as a backpacking trip or hike should consider getting a spray to repellent insects along the way.


Bed Bug Patch – These patches are used to offset the CO2 that is emitted from your skin. Because bed bugs are attracted to the CO2, the offset will dramatically reduce the chance you get bit by bed bugs. These patches use vitamin B1 to help mask the bed bug attracting scent. It is the perfect option for people who are staying in camps or hostels and may be in an environment where bed bugs exist. These patches are similar to the ones used by outdoor enthusiasts to avoid getting bit by bugs. These patches are good secondary options once you have down a thorough inspection on a room, to make sure there are no visible signs of bed bugs.


Portable Bed Bug Killing Heater Unit – This is a portable heating unit that is designed to heat your travel items to a temperature of 120 degrees F. Heating items at this temperature for a sustained period of time will eliminate all bed bugs that you may have. Many hotels have low level bed bug infestations due to the high amount of travelers. This bed bug heater unit is the perfect item for frequent travelers who want to ensure that their luggage items are not infested when the return from a trip. When you get home from a trip simply put all your items into this PackTite Portable unit and it will kill the bed bugs.