orkin reportIn the past few years bed bugs have been on the rising in America. Year by year, the number of bed bug reports is increasing in numerous cities across the country. This year the pest control company Orkin, released a list of the top bed bug cities based on the number of treatments that they provide. Not surprisingly, Chicago takes the number one spot for the second year in a row.

Even though the city of Chicago city council passed a law requiring condo associations to have comprehensive plans in place for bed bugs, they still maintained the number one city for bed bugs. Two of the biggest moving cities were Charlotte and Nashville that each moved up 18 and 17 spots respectively.

Orkin’s reported that there was a 20% increase in business related to bedbugs compared to the previous year. This is contrary to the belief that many people have that bed bugs are in decline across the nation.

The top 5 cities on the list: Chicago, Los Angeles, Columbus, Ohio, Detroit and Cincinnati remain relatively unchanged, only moving up or down a couple spots. This shows that many of the worst affected cities are not taking the right steps to deal with their bed bug situation.

Map of USOne of the most interesting observations in this years ranking is New York City is moved to #17, moving down 7 spots from #10 last year. This is a great trend for the city of New York as it has taken the right steps to create a comprehensive plan to deal with their bed bug infestation.

Here is the full list of infested cities according to Orkin.com with the shift in ranking shown in (brackets):

  1. Chicago
  2. Los Angeles (+1)
  3. Columbus, Ohio (+3)
  4. Detroit (-2)
  5. Cincinnati
  6. Cleveland/Akron/Canton (+2)
  7. Dayton (+4)
  8. Washington D.C. (-1)
  9. Denver (-5)
  10. Indianapolis (+6)
  11. Richmond/Petersburg, Va. (+1)
  12. Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville, N.C. (+3)
  13. Dallas/Ft. Worth (-4)
  14. Syracuse, N.Y. (+7)
  15. Atlanta (+14)
  16. Houston (+2)
  17. New York (-7)
  18. Seattle/Tacoma (-5)
  19. San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose (-5)
  20. Boston (+2)
  21. Milwaukee (-2)
  22. Miami/Ft. Lauderdale (+3)
  23. Nashville (+17)
  24. Pittsburgh (+12)
  25. Charlotte (+18)
  26. San Diego (+6)
  27. Baltimore (-7)
  28. Phoenix (+7)
  29. Cedar Rapids/Waterloo, Iowa (+4)
  30. Charleston/Huntington, W. Va. (+1)
  31. Knoxville, Tenn. (-4)
  32. Louisville, Ky. (-2)
  33. Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, Mich. (+5)
  34. Hartford/New Haven, Conn. (-8)
  35. Champaign/Springfield, Ill. (+13)
  36. Greenville/Spartanburg/Asheville, S.C. (+11)
  37. Omaha, Neb. (-20)
  38. Buffalo, N.Y. (-10)
  39. Lincoln/Hastings/Kearney, Neb. (+2)
  40. Lexington, Ky. (-16)
  41. Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto, Calif. (+4)
  42. Colorado Springs/Pueblo, Colo. (-19)
  43. Albany/Schenectady/Troy, N.Y. (-1)
  44. Minneapolis/St. Paul (-10)
  45. Honolulu (-8)
  46. Toledo, Ohio
  47. Peoria/Bloomington, Ill.
  48. Davenport, Iowa/Moline, Ill.
  49. New Orleans
  50. Kansas City

If you are living in a city that is listed in the top 50 bed bug cities you should be vigilant in preventing bed bugs from entering your home. Prevention is the key to stopping the spread of bed bugs in America.

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