If you travel a lot and book hotels for your stay, you need to understand the risk of bringing some unwanted guests home with you. One common issue is related to bed bugs. If you do not know how to inspect your hotel room for bed bugs, you will end up getting your luggage infested, which in turn can leave you with an infestation in your home as well. It takes a lot of time and effort to have everything treated to eliminate an infestation. Sometimes, you need to hire professionals to take care of everything. This will cost you a lot of money as well. Therefore, it is always a better idea to take steps to avoid getting your luggage infested. Or, do not opt for hotels known for bed bug infestations.

You need to understand that it hotel administration will have to spend thousands of dollars to contain the infestation, and it sometimes means that they have to shut down the infested rooms. Not every hotel is going to do it, which is the reason why you should avoid stay in a hotel that once had an infestation. You can never be sure that they have spent the money and have everything treated. Here is more about some of the worst bed bug infested hotels of 2016.

Hotel Carter, New York

The ratings for Hotel Carter are not that impressive on Tripadvisor.com, and that is not just because of low quality facilities and amenities, but also because they have rooms infested with bed bugs. It is true that it is among the cheapest places to stay in this location, but you may end up spending a lot of money in an effort to save some.

Hotel Pennsylvania, New York

Another New York hotel is on the list of worst bed bug infested hotels of 2016, and this one does not enjoy a good rating either. In fact, Hotel Pennsylvania is one of most reported bed bug infested hotels in the United States. Just by checking some reviews, you will get to know that a large majority of people has complained about bed bug infestations. The furniture here is ancient and you will find dirt everywhere. Yes, it is a budget hotel and you should expect certain discomforts, but do not try to save money by staying at this place because you will certainly leave with infested luggage.

Niagara Lodge and Suits, Canada

This hotel does not enjoy a very impressive rating on Tripadvisor.com Check some reviews for this hotel, and you will know that there are enough bed bug reports to stay away from this place. So many people have also complained about nasty bedding with no mattress protectors. Do not be surprised to see dirty carpets. Enough has been mentioned about this hotel, and if you still decide to stay here, be ready to take bed bugs home, and the rest will put you in some serious trouble.

West Side Inn Hotel, Netherlands

Do you really think changing the name of a hotel will change their standard and make them any better? That just cannot happen, but it seems that people at West Side Inn Hotel think differently. Formerly known as the HEM hotel, it has a poor rating on Tripadvisor.com. Even after a new name, nothing has improved at the West Side Inn Hotel. The standard is still very low with rooms infested with bed bugs. Even if you are looking for a cheap place to stay, just avoid this one.

St. Vincent’s Guesthouse, New Orleans

Is it surprising to find a guesthouse on the list of worst bed bug infested hotels? No, it is not, but many people still do not pay enough attention to bed bug reports for this location and end up running into trouble. Guesthouses are more likely to have bed bugs and other issues because they provide budge accommodation to backpackers. The wide mix of people leaves guesthouses vulnerable to infestations. Yes, the prices at St. Vincent’s Guesthouse are low, but the shared rooms with no cleanliness will make you feel uncomfortable and leave you fighting with bed bugs.

Beach Plaza Hotel, Florida

Given the low price, you may have to stay content with limited amenities available at Beach Plaza Hotel, Fort Lauderdale. It may seem okay to make some compromises over amenities, but never stay at a hotel notorious for bed bug infestations. Keep in mind that there nothing worse than bringing those pesky crawlers back to your home, so you will be better off avoiding this unhygienic, dirty, old, and outdated hotel.

Hotel Boulevard, Netherlands

If you are traveling to Amsterdam, ensure that you avoid Hotel Boulevard. In fact, Amsterdam is actually known for bed bug infestations, which means that even if you avoid Hotel Boulevard and choose another one, you should still take your time to inspect your room and ensure that it is clean with no bed bug threat.

It is important to mention that if you are specifically interested in knowing about bed bug infested hotels in the United States, know that New York is at the top of the list. Never choose a hotel in New York without checking some reviews. Even after that, you should inspect your room for the presence of bed bugs before opening your luggage. Be sure to get more information about bed bugs and their favorite hideouts.

Along with New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles are also on the list. Moreover, some hotel chains are also known for bed bug infestations. The list includes Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn, Super 8, Motel 6, Hilton, Best Western, Quality Inn, and Marriot. If you choose any of these hotel chains for your next trip, place your luggage in the bathroom, get a flashlight, and inspect your bed and the surrounding area to ensure everything is clean and perfect. This will take some effort, but you won’t have to regret later.