Do Bed Bug Bites Hurt?

Many people have concerns as to whether bed bug bites are painful in any way. The simple answer to this question is a “no,” but like many things in life, reality is far from simple.

Bed Bug Bites: The Situation for Most People

Most people do find that bed bug bites are not actually painful. Instead, they are annoying, irritating, and bothersome.  When bed  bugs bite people, it can lead to a small amount of swelling around the bitten area. In some cases a slight lump or bump will also develop directly on the bite area. If you have ever experienced a flea bit or mosquito bite, then you will find that a bed bug bite is roughly the same experience.

The swelling, slight redness, and tiny lump may be a source of irritation. You may find that you have an urge to scratch. Giving in to this urge can actually cause the bite to become painful when it wasn’t in the first place, because irritating the bite site and possibly breaking the skin with vigorous scratching is simply not a good idea.

What can make bed bug bites even more annoying is the fact that the nature of a bed bug infestation will bring the victim into the bugs’ vicinity over and over. This means that the bugs will have a frequent opportunity to inflict even more bites, and over time the sum total of all of these can be quite bothersome for people, even if it never reaches to the level of actual pain.

Bed Bug Bites: The Situation for Some People

Some people find that while the bites are not causing them any physical pain, they are more than sufficient to inflict great psychological distress. Since the bites are unsightly, people who suffer them may feel self-conscious.

Even worse, they may begin to feel ashamed of being a bed bug bite victim. This is due to a common but completely false impression that bed bugs are a sign of poverty. This is simply not the case. Bed bug problems are the sign of a bed bug infestation and nothing more. Bed bugs do not hunt out the poorer areas in town and then decide to take up residence there. They can, in fact, be found in middle-class and even rich neighborhoods as well.

In addition to psychological distress, bed bug bites can in rare cases be responsible for an extreme physical reaction. If you happen to be allergic to the substances a bed bug injects into the bite to make the blood flow more easily, then you can experience a severe reaction known as anaphylactic shock. This is quite rare, but if it happens to you or a loved one, it may require the intervention of trained medical personnel or even a visit to the local emergency room.

The possibility of an allergic reaction is just one more reason, as if anyone needed more, to take steps today to eradicate bedbugs from your home.


  1. ANDE says

    Whether the bed bug bite is painful or not depends on the person being bit. My mother experienced great pain and significat swelling each time she was bitten. She described the pain as being equal to being stung by a bee or wasp. The pain lasted a full day and by the second day the bump began to blister and itch.There was hardness underneath the swelling that last a few days before it finally went away. The itching lasted for days and within 2 weeks the bug bite eventually disappeared.

  2. shayla says

    Me and family just found out we have bed bugs but small ones , what should we do ? , we have never experianced this /: should we throw things out or what ?

    • admin says

      Read this article to learn the basics about dealing with bed bugs. Also look through our website at the various FAQ that are available. You don’t have to throw anything away if you are able to properly find and eliminate the bedbugs. Look through for information on the best ways to get rid of bed bugs. Calling an exterminator is the safest way to ensure that you eliminate all of the bed bugs in your home. Good Luck.

  3. says

    I had a sleepover at my friends house and when I was on the
    Floor of her room I just noticed something that I was itchy
    And it just started to swell and it was all over my back
    It was SUPER SUPER painful it felt like needles
    In my back and then in the morning I went to tell her
    Mom and I had to go home and then after a week
    It started to swell even more and it was hurting sooooo
    Bad so I went to a doctor and she said I was
    Elergec to bed bugs so I took a medachadion for
    3 mouths so be careful out there you can get very
    Very very hurt….

    • admin says

      That is another example of why it is important to be vigilant about bed bugs. This is especially true when you are having a sleep over or staying in a new hotel or guesthouse. Always inspect any new bed before sleeping in it. It is not worth the risk of getting a bed bug infestation.

  4. sami says

    Im being bitten by bed bugs for the past 2 weeks or so.. we got fumigation done on friday, but it didnt have an affect apperently coz i had new bug bites the next day. Should i throw away my bed and get a new one? will that solve the problem? Thanks

    • admin says

      Throwing away the bed will not solve the problem. Bed bugs can live in the carpets of a room, in dark corners of the wall, also in furniture. Proper inspection and elimination of the bed bugs is a must. The bites can still show up days after the actual occurrence so your problem could have been solved with the fumigation.

    • admin says

      Most people experience more psychological pain from the bed bug bites, rather than physical pain. If you can’t sleep because of the pain from bites see your doctor right away. He can also help you determine if you have been bitten by bed bugs.

    • admin says

      The biggest tell tale sign that your bumps were bed bug bites is the pattern. Most of the time bed bugs will bite in a number of spots down an arm or leg. Look up our bed bug bite pictures to see if your bites resemble anything like that. Be careful when having sleep overs because you don’t want to bring bed bugs back to your home :)

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