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Heaters & Steamers

To eliminate bed bugs completely, you are likely going to have to move beyond just using mattress encasements and bed bug powders & sprays, you'll likely need to attack them with heat treatments. There are two types of heat products you can use: Bed Bug Heaters and Bed Bug Steamers. Ideally, you'll want both of these machines to get rid of a bad infestation.


Bed Bug Heaters

Bed Bug Heaters are special devices that you can put household objects into, seal, and activate. A low level of heat is applied for a period of time to the point where all bed bugs inside the items placed in the heater will die. What items you can put inside the heater depend on the size of the heater. Our bed bug heaters range from portable sized heaters that are the size of a large backpack to room-sized portable heaters that you can put entire couches, chairs, and other large items inside. You will use a bed bug heater on items and objects you can't easily use a bed bug steamer to kill the bed bugs with. Such items are bags, clothes, bedding, furniture, books, luggage, shoes, and other such items.


Bed Bug Steamers

Bed Bug Steamers shoot 200-degree steam through a specialized open and can be directed either narrowly or in a wide space. This super-heated steam kills all bed bugs (adults and eggs) upon contact. Steamers are very useful for removing bed bug infestations from mattresses, carpets, bed frames, baseboards and any crack or crevice in your house.

Heaters & Steamers

Heaters & Steamers